Navigate your cancer journey with confidence and support

Cancer Recovery Coach

Are you a woman on a cancer journey, seeking ways to heal and prevent recurrence?

You want to feel better, get your energy back, and do what you can to stay healthy. Or maybe you want to regain a sense of normalcy and feel like yourself again.

A cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling exhausted and uncertain. While life moves on, you may feel stuck, concerned about the future, and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of health advice.

If you’re ready for change but unsure where to start, I’m here to provide you with personalized guidance and support.

Hey there,
I’m Pam Hartnett

As a Cancer Recovery Coach and Dietitian with my own cancer story, I combine my personal experience with my professional training to create a holistic and personalized strategy for your cancer healing process.

I will partner with you to craft a customized health plan that aligns with your life. We’ll work side by side to devise an approach that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Your Cancer Journey:
Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

Dealing with cancer can feel lonely and overwhelming.
But you’re not alone. I’m here to support, guide, and walk with you.

Are you…?

Currently Undergoing Treatment?

Together, we’ll optimize your nutrition and daily routines, making your treatment more effective while reducing its side effects.

On ‘Watch and Wait’?

Let’s make your body a tough place for cancer to live. We’ll take clear steps to keep you strong and healthy. You’re not just waiting—you’re taking action.

Transitioning After Treatment?

Your path to recovery is about more than just returning to “normal”. We’ll make a plan to get your strength back, boost your energy, find balance, and work toward keeping cancer away for good.

What you can expect…

Your Journey, Your Roadmap.

Your cancer experience is unique. Together we will focus on genuine, personalized guidance to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and health needs.

Natural, Long-lasting Habits…

We’ll set up habits that fit effortlessly into your life and become as easy as brushing your teeth. No willpower required!

We’ll face this together.

I’m here, ready to listen, understand, and guide you on your journey.

Begin your journey with my personalized, step-by-step approach

Designed for women who are on the path to recovery from cancer and eager to prevent its return:

  • Uncover Root Causes and Healing Opportunities:
    We start with a thorough evaluation to identify the key factors that have impacted your health.
  • Prioritize for Impact:
    Next, we focus on simple, yet powerful lifestyle changes that can make the biggest difference in your recovery.
  • Habit Integration:
    Together, we’ll integrate these changes into your daily life, as effortlessly as brushing your teeth.
  • Establish & Grow:
    Stick to a couple of changes at a time, allowing it to become second nature over a week or two.
  • Evolve Continuously:
    With the first step firmly in place, we revisit and discover the next impactful change, ensuring a gentle, stress-free progression.

Change can feel daunting, but with a systematic approach and caring support it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine regaining your energy, soothing your aches and pains, and releasing the fear of recurrence, all because you’re empowered by taking action.

Let me be your guide to not just coping, but thriving, with each step tailored to bring you closer to the vibrant health you crave. 

It all begins with a